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Investing in Ocala Homes

The timing for investing in real estate and particularly single family homes in the Ocala, Florida area has never been better, but it  is no longer a secret. Not only small investors are getting in on the action of short sales and foreclosures, but so is the big money.

That’s right, now wall street is trying to get in on the action and it is not easy for them. They are used to buying and investing in bulk, and this process of buying single family homes, getting them rent ready, and getting tenants happens one house at a time. This is great for the small investor, but difficult and inefficient for the typical hedge fund investor.

Several weeks ago, even Warren Buffet stated that he wished he could buy a couple hundred
thousand homes at today’s prices and finance them at today’s interest rates.  Now we have several hedge fund investors who have loads of cash trying to buy as many homes as they can scoop up, and get them rented out  to get a  healthy cash on cash return and ride the real estate market back up.

The biggest bust in Ocala real estate history probably will turn into  another real estate investing boom, but this time cash is king, not the stated income loans.  There is also a need for these homes, as many previous homeowners that bought during the last boom, lost their jobs and short sold or lost their homes will need  to rent for a few years before purchasing again. So good property management for these large investors is also needed, and RE/MAX
Premier Realty’s property management is here to service the investors.

Our company has 20 years of property management experience, a full time experience staff, accounting and maintenance department, and experienced leasing agents. We also have highly trained real estate agents to help investors find homes that will bring
a great return on today’s money and our agents know the neighborhoods that are likely to bring appreciation for excellent returns over time.

Ocala is on the charts for expected high appreciation over the next few years, so call us today for your real estate investment needs and for top notch property management of your real estate assets.

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